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Steve Harrison
15 April 2017 @ 07:42 pm
Yep. Michigan. April 15, 2017. 80 degrees.


It wasn't that long ago we had snow and ice and freezing rain and now 80 FLIPPIN' DEGREES.

And then it's supposed to rain most of the rest of the week and thus the lawn will grow out of control and I won't be able to mow ARRGGHHH.

Could be worse. Could be Gosh Darn Melonfarming ice storms. Probably saving that for the last week of the month.
Steve Harrison
12 April 2017 @ 01:16 am
It's just a trickle right now, but I'm zero on money and stuff has to go. More will be added as I figure out if it has value. Help me eat and stuff!


Thanks to good friend Gordon for helping with this.
Steve Harrison
05 April 2017 @ 07:17 pm


Why? Why?

They even somehow got the Waltrip Bros. to do a cover! Have they done ANYTHING since, what, the early '90s?!

When will Tatsunoko/Takara/Tomy wake up to all the money they're not making, work with Bandai and put that damn stake in the friggin' heart of Harmony Gold and free Macross from this crap?

Because sure as s**t Bandai is losing money from all the recent Macross toys and models they can't sell to the USA. And Tatsunoko has a few new Macross series that could be sold to the USA.

I've wondered if Tatsunoko and Big West have had a fantasy of Harmony Gold throwing millions of Dollars at them in order to turn Macross 7, Macross Frontier and Macross Delta into new Robotech chapters but no, that's just goofy.

I'm sure Discotek is just itching to release Macross: Do you remember love on DVD and BD, that would secure their position as uber cool anime company for all time. But first the beast, make that Beast that is Harmony Gold must die. Or at least turn loose Macross from their fetid jaws.
Steve Harrison
31 March 2017 @ 02:17 pm
Never, ever, NEVER EVER taste a piece of 40 year old 'trading card' gum. If you are tempted, DO NOT DO IT.

It fools you into thinking it might be OK. IT IS NOT!

My GOD I can't get the aftertaste out of my mouth! It tastes like a mummy's wrapping with a vinyl backing. AND IT WON'T GO AWAY!!

Steve Harrison
25 March 2017 @ 01:24 am
A belated Happy Birthday to Daryl Surat.

Never give up the fight against Cheese on everything dominance, there is NEVER anything wrong about a decent plain Hamburger.

Remember me when I am gone, as none will follow after me.
Steve Harrison
HAW! I bet you thought this would be a rant about the recent Star Blazers live action movie (not) news. WRONG!

I speak of this. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6673612/?ref_=nv_sr_7

The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. Starring Robert Downey Jr.

OK, I'm going out on a limb and assuming this is going to be more in the vein of the children's books from long ago (and a rather touching musical made in 1967 which was one of my 'important movie experiences' in my youth http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061584/?ref_=nv_sr_2 ) and not the regretful comedy films that came later.

I really hate to tell Hollywood its business but guys, gals, NOBODY GIVES A RAT'S FART ABOUT DOCTOR DOLITTLE IN THIS DAY AND AGE.

I mean, if you're an old timer like me, maybe. Nobody makes movies targeted at my demographic. TV, maybe. Not a big budget film. And with RDj it has to be fairly big budget unless a. he's taking a salary cut because he's doing it for the love or b. He's got production perks.

So, what kind of movie is this? No idea. It's mostly just vapor at the moment but I can easily speculate.

1. Straight up telling from one or more of the Doctor Dolittle books, full-on retro 19th century everything. I rate this low.

2. An attempt to create a prequel to the 1967 movie which would require RDj to 'channel' the spirit of Rex Harrison. Rating: Possible, at least might be the 'elevator pitch' before development.

3. Dark Re-imaging ala Tim Burton. Might have a few songs and lots of CGI talking animals with celebrity voices. Rating: I think this is in line with Hollywood thinking and would create a pure stinker of a movie so most likely.

Can I say it again? Nobody gives a crap about Doctor Dolittle.There is no pent-up demand for a reboot or re-vision or remake or anything regarding Doctor Dolittle. Heck, what I recall of the books there's some super regretful 'old world' thinking expressed amid all the "animals are people too" stuff.

Mind, I've come to REALLY LIKE Robert Downey Jr. He completely sold me on Tony Stark and his Sherlock Holmes is great and I can't wait for the third Holmes film, I bought Tropic Thunder just because he was in it and he CARRIED that otherwise yawnfest and yes I do think he could pull off playing Rex Harrison but it's just plain not a good idea.

OK, maybe. Maybe. Get Baz Luhrmann to direct and avoid the urge to go all Tim Burton with the design. Maybe.

No, this is doomed. Nobody. Cares. About. Doctor. Dolittle. Today.

Steve Harrison
Really, as strange as it sounds.

Finally, news of a soundtrack for Tiger Mask W.


Took them long enough.

I wonder if they're going to tweak the animation for the home media release.
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Steve Harrison
01 March 2017 @ 07:49 pm
Enough is enough. I mean, I get it, Michigan. Home of stupid nutty weather. "If you don't like the weather wait an hour it'll change" haw haw haw, yep.

And I recall one May, Memorial Day Weekend where we had a damn ICE STORM so March is just March but still.

Come ON. 60 degrees one day 30 degrees, wind chill bringing it to 18, and SNOW?!


*grumble mumble* probably going to have to uncoil the weatherproof extension cord and take down the stupid Electric Shovel again... AND THEN HAVE TO MOW THE LAWN FRIDAY!!!

UPDATE: March 03 2017. Friday.


And They're calling for 60 degrees and rain Monday. Of course. We're going to go to the "rain most of the time so the damn grass grows like crazy but you can't mow it" time. grraagggghhh!
Steve Harrison
21 February 2017 @ 04:54 pm
I mean, I mean....


Endless Road (my name, not theirs) SSX? REALLY? Melon FARMER!!

Now they just need to announce that they're going to put Arcadia of my Youth on DVD as well as the upcoming Blu-Ray version so my library will be properly organized. You have no idea how the BD/DVD combo pack of Lupin III: A Woman called Fujiko Mine irks me.

Endless Road SSX. Jeebus.

Well, OK, Discotek. Now the big challenge. I Dare you. I DOUBLE DOG Dare you! Queen of a 1000 Years TV series. Go ahead. Just make me look stupid and say you forgot to announce it. Go ahead!
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Current Music: BGM from Endless Road SSX
Steve Harrison
21 February 2017 @ 01:01 pm
Of all the things, with all the options out there, of the possible ways to spend time and work and money...

We really really really really do not need a re-boot of Megazone 23.

That is all.