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20 July 2017 @ 11:26 pm
48 Years ago today. July 20, 1969  
48 years ago, I can't believe I'm typing that, 48 years ago the United States of America landed 2 men on the Moon, and they safely returned to Earth.

It only took 7 years from when President Kennedy made his "We will go to the Moon" speech.

Since the '70s there has been talk of returning to the Moon 'within 20 years'. This milestone has been passed TWICE with zero, read that again, ZERO motion on actually making it happen.

Never mind such '70s pipe dreams as landing men on Mars, exploring Asteroids and other things.

"But wait, Steve! Space X and other things blah blah any day now blah blah!"

Nope. Not gonna buy ANY vaporware comments from Billionaires (regardless of how well meaning) until I see hardware being flown, like actual capsules. Publicity stunt cargo lifting don't count for jack crap in my eyes. Get some Man-rated s--t on the launch pad.

Hard truth. We COULD NOT put men on the Moon within 7 years today. All the advances in materials and technology, all the learned knowledge, even if we threw unlimited money at the program (like, you know, get men on the Moon and return safely to Earth within 7 years or the Human Race becomes extinct) it just CAN NOT HAPPEN.

We can't do it. We don't have the infrastructure any more. Even using what boosters we do have, do the early Von Braun 'Earth Orbit Rendezvous' assembly and go from there, we just can not build anything in that timeframe.

It's a grim tragedy. I weep for the future.
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Steve Harrisontochiro998 on August 1st, 2017 12:27 am (UTC)
Re: There's this (interesting timing)
Interesting, but look up history. There's ALWAYS some spec thing that's 'about to happen' because somebody smells sweet sweet gubment pork. (that would be federal funding to those challenged by old slang).

I'll believe it when I see a company spend Dollars and starts 'bending tin', ya know?

I mean, we don't have a booster to loft anything like this anyway.

But. Good catch, thanks for sharing, it all goes into the info bank :)