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25 May 2017 @ 06:06 am
Farewell and goodbye  
By the time this is read, I will be dead. Unless I can't even do that right. I have taken an overdose of sleeping pills.

I don't do this lightly. I would rather have not done this at all, but the actions of my stepbrothers give me no other choice, or option. I hope I don't screw this up, but my track record hasn't been the best lately.

So many people I wish I could say goodbye to. So many of them have fallen out of touch.

A special note to all the women I have known:

Ardith, Shana G, Lisa(whitecrow0), Lisa T (adrenalisa), Jamie (lori) Y, Krystal (akristacat), Emma, Leslie, Lauren, others.

I'm glad we met. I regret Not being able to speak one more time. Please know you all touch my life.

I feel the pills working.

Harder to type.

This is Steve sinning of