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Steve Harrison
20 January 2018 @ 10:03 pm
Yeah, that's a thing that happened. I completely lost track of time. Sorry about that. I can't do a big post just now but for the record:

1. I still live.

2. I have not yet gotten back my house.

3. Still no job. Yeah, couldn't even get a temp as Christmas help job. That's a great thing for my self esteem.

4. Sold stuff on eBay (via a friend who went above and beyond) for some cash and feel soooo ripped off. I am not a person who is 'down' with this whole 'minimalism' fad.

5. Sold a pile of stuff to a local dude and feel even more ripped off.

6. Prozac doesn't turn off depression. It just makes me not give a f**k about it.

7. The Orville is the best Star Trek I've seen in years. ;)

8. Yamato 2202 is seriously rocking it. I should do a 'feelings about' review.

That's enough for now. It's too depressing. Back later, hopefully not 6 months from now. :)