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Steve Harrison
21 February 2017 @ 04:54 pm
I mean, I mean....


Endless Road (my name, not theirs) SSX? REALLY? Melon FARMER!!

Now they just need to announce that they're going to put Arcadia of my Youth on DVD as well as the upcoming Blu-Ray version so my library will be properly organized. You have no idea how the BD/DVD combo pack of Lupin III: A Woman called Fujiko Mine irks me.

Endless Road SSX. Jeebus.

Well, OK, Discotek. Now the big challenge. I Dare you. I DOUBLE DOG Dare you! Queen of a 1000 Years TV series. Go ahead. Just make me look stupid and say you forgot to announce it. Go ahead!
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Steve Harrison
21 February 2017 @ 01:01 pm
Of all the things, with all the options out there, of the possible ways to spend time and work and money...

We really really really really do not need a re-boot of Megazone 23.

That is all.
Steve Harrison
07 February 2017 @ 07:27 pm
OK, those that know me know that Music is very very important to me, especially when it comes to anime. The opening theme (and animation) is mostly what 'sells' a show to me. In the old days people would cut together tapes of nothing BUT OP and ED credits because for the most part, they were always awesome for one reason or another, and in some cases better than the actual show.

(You might not remember much about the American cartoons 'Thundercats' or Silverhawks' but I'll bet a fresh donut you have vivid memories of those OP credits!)

It was the stirring music of Hiroshi Miyagawa that helped sink the hook in me for Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato, and his son Akira is doing an unbelievable job carrying on the legacy in Yamato 2199/2202. I don't think I even dare to ponder how much money I've sunk into LPs, '45s and CDs for that show. So, yeah, music matters.

Which brings me to Tiger Mask W and the outrageous, painful lack of a soundtrack CD. I have no idea what's going on, usually these things are whipped out so they're on-sale the week the show premiers on TV (in Japan that is). So I put 'Tiger Mask W' into the Amazon Japan search engine and keep looking and looking and looking.

See, Tiger Mask W is a very old school anime. It's almost retro. There is only the barest hint of MOE` (Naoto's teenage girl manager, Niece of his trainer) which seems completely inescapable in this day and age and in recent episodes we have the addition of some 'young love' comedy (oh, not with the teenage manager but with a nurse who has been taking care of his almost fatally wounded wrestler/trainer who was like a father to him) but it's not out of control, and actually kind of fits the high power world of Professional Wrestling.

The music is very good, the modernized version of the '70s Tiger Mask theme kicks butt (as is right and proper) and the ED theme (and animation), 'King of the Wild', just might be the new 'Get Wild', the super epic original ED theme to the show City Hunter. King of the Wild is the kind of theme you put on your anime theme playlist for exercising or going out and driving to do something with MEANING and FEELING. Road music.

There are several CDs available for 'King of the Wild' and in my opinion, the one you want is THIS: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B01M32XOYN/ref=ya_st_dp_summary

It's two CD singles, the first is King of the Wild c/w a 'B' side that eh, it's there, some will like it I have no interest.

The SECOND single is the beaut, it's an original drama CD (which of course is meaningless if you don't UNDERSTAND Japanese) but! BUT!! It opens with a TV size version of the Tiger Mask W version of the Tiger Mask Theme as its own track!

(and if you go to the Amazon Japan page they have samples you can listen to and feel the awesome)

So, yeah, about 2,000 Yen just for the two songs is pretty crazy. Given that we may not GET a BGM CD for the show (DUMB FAILURE IN MARKETING, GUYS!!!) This seems to me to be the best solution for now.

Come on, be honest, you need a new song that makes you pump your fist in the air and scream, don't you? Huh? Sure you do.

Every sale of this CD does not one damn thing to make me money. :)
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Steve Harrison
31 January 2017 @ 11:17 am
Dealing with crap of course, gloomy gloomy dark.

Yet there's Space Battleship Yamato 2202 just about to start.

That's cool, and I really want to see just how off-the-wall the story goes (because events in Yamato 2199 really change the 'lead in' to what goes on, compared to 'Original' Yamato). I'll make one bet right here right now. Akira Yamatoto won't die at the end. Frankly, I doubt the death toll of beloved characters will be as high as it was in the original Yamato 2, let alone the movie Arrivederci, Yamato-Soliders of Love.  Call it a hunch, call it perhaps a slight influence from the Americanization of Yamato known as Star Blazers. Call it cynicisim due to merchandising considerations. :)

And then this happened. Shout! Factory, one of the companies picking up the slack from the major studios that want to abandon the idea of 'content' (we used to call that 'Movies' and 'TV Series') on physical media has announced what could be one of the most significant films to influence anime ever, coming finally FINALLY in a special collectors edition (which, today, probably means Blu-Ray only bah)... STREETS OF FIRE COLLECTOR'S EDITION  

Well. That's something.

I hope it's really a special deal. More info will eventually show up. This could be the movie that pushes me to get a Blu-Ray player. Well, want to get one. I recall back in the late '70s I bought a couple of movies on VHS before I finally was able to buy my first VCR. Maybe history repeats.
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Steve Harrison
01 January 2017 @ 12:08 am
And here it is. January 1st, 2017.

I've had my annual shot of good Scotch* and hopefully I won't go on a maudlin nightmare roll. May 2017 be better for everyone.

*I couldn't find my usual small bottles of Macallan 12 year old single malt so I got some The Glenlivet 12 year old. It's about the same but the Macallan is a bit more smooth. Eh, like I know.
Steve Harrison
31 December 2016 @ 08:50 pm
And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

OK, maybe not fair, a year is like any other, good and bad, up and down but man, the last three months. F.U. 2016!

May the new year be better for everyone.
Steve Harrison
28 December 2016 @ 09:43 pm
No, seriously, cut it out 2016. You've killed enough. I know you're making up for lost time, all those months you didn't kill someone famous and beloved, but quit it. QUIT IT!
Steve Harrison
25 December 2016 @ 08:54 pm
That's it. Nothing special. No pity parade, no rambling reminiscence, no pleas, no whine.

Merry Christmas, or if you prefer, Happy Holidays.

Try to love
Steve Harrison
05 December 2016 @ 12:21 am
Not a rant about hug pillows or sexual fetish PVC statues or 'washable' posters for the bathroom.

Tiger Mask W is a clearly awesome and superior show and should be the Big Thing for this period. It seems it's being completely ignored by 'mainstream' fandom, I assume due to the lack of MOE and maybe too much manliness.

Regardless, there's are several staples of anime production, one being the clockwork churning out of CDs for the OP, ED and BGM for the show. Pioneered by Space Battleship Yamato* (as are all the good, positive aspects of anime). Current standards call for the OP and ED songs come out when the series premiers, then the BGM CD shows up in a few weeks later. This schedule is even more important if it's a 13 episode run, you can take a bit more time if they're doing 26 episodes.

Where the hell are the CDs for Tiger Mask W? There's some nonsense singles for the ED theme due in January (!!) but nothing else. NOTHING!

Which is HILARIOUS given that one of the recent themes in the series is the importance of merchandising!

So get on it, guys! I want that BGM CD!

*Yes, I know, there were OP and ED theme 45's for anime shows before Yamato, as well as some books. These were treated as children's product. Yamato made it legit, and serious and valid.
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Steve Harrison
26 November 2016 @ 09:11 pm
Meet Attila the Hungry, or as we called him, Tilly. German Shepard, a 'blue'. He only lived for about 2 1/2 years but his influence on my goes way beyond that short time.
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Look at that sweet boy. He was perfectly in synch with my mom and I, a goofball, a hammy actor, a little naughty but not a bad boy. Sweet and loving and very very protective.

He died from a brain tumor, one we believe was induced by getting hit in the head by a burglar.

He was best friends with our cat, a seal-point Siamese named, of course, Pyewacket.

no title

Don't let Pye's body language in that pic fool you, they were incredibly good friends. Tilly accepted that Pye was the Alpha but Pye had a realistic view of the size and power of Tilly.

I miss them both so much.

ETA: Advice on how to handle pictures better is sought. I r sooper inept